eCAADe XIII Conference 16-18 November 1995 Palermo

Programme: Thursday 16 November 1995

9.30 - 10.30 Opening address

Prof. A. Gullotti, Chancellor of University of Palermo, Prof. E. Oliveri, Dean of Engineering Faculty

11.00 - 13.00 Conference opening, Prof. G. Carrara, President of ECAADE

Keynote address, Prof. B. Colajanni

11.30 - 13.00 Session 1

Multimedia and teaching history of art and architecture

Chairman and lecturer Prof. R. Oxman


  • Hypertext between research and teaching: an experience in a didactic laboratory of building technology, I. Amirante, A.Bosco, Fax +39 81 8148626

  • A multimedia archeological museum, C. Dießenbacher, E. Rank

  • HyPa - Hypertext system about the urban growth of Palermo, G. Parlato, S. De Cola, R. La Franca, D. Latona

  • An hypertext in building rehabilitation: a case study in Palermo, B. Colajanni, G. Pellitteri, E-mail: V. Giacchino, E-mail:

    Short presentations

  • The new challenge of learning, A. Cicognani E-mail

  • The effective use of multimedia and telematics in planning and design, B. Martens, A. Voigt, E. Schmidinger, H Linzer, E-mail

  • Searching a new learning method: Hypermedia system, J. Bustinza Esparta, A. Fernandez, Fax +34 481 73251

    Short presentations

  • Learning and Multimedia, R. Glanville, R. McKinnon -Wood, Fax +44 1705 842077

  • Technological issues in multimedia applications, M. Herzog, C. Kühn

  • World Wide Web presentation of collaborative student design work , I. Kosco E-mail, W. Dokonal E-mail , A. Dobson E-mail

    Pages and images edited by Ing.Vincenzo Giacchino Fax +39 91 328192, E-mail