eCAADe XIII Conference 16-18 November 1995 Palermo

Programme: Friday 17 November 1995

9.00 - 10.30 Session 3

Multimedia and teaching design 2

Chairman and lecturer Prof. G. Carrara


  • An integrated hypermedia project, A. Brown E-mail, M. Knight

  • By all means: Multiple Media in Design Education, N. Cheng

  • Multimedia metaphors in the design studio, R. Coyne

  • Knowledge Based System programming for knowledge intensive teaching, H. H. Achten, R. Oxman Fax +31 972 4, J. Dijkstra, T. Bax

    Short presentations

  • Urban analysis and Hypermedia, A. M. Marinelli, L. Graziano

  • A classification of multimedia applications in architecture, J.Petric, T. Maver E-mail

  • Hypervisible cities: Siviglia, Barcellona, Lisbona, R. Belibani, A. Gadola, A.M. Marinelli, Fax +39 6 4818625

    10.30 - Coffee break

    11.00 - 12.30 Session 4

    Multimedia and teaching design - 3

    Chairman and lecturer Prof. I. Amirante


  • Multimedia and special architectural disciplines, E. Ponomareva, A. Litvinowa, R. Kozakova Fax +48 85 22393

  • A strategic approach to climate-responsive design using computer based learning, L. Millard Fax +44 532 833190

  • Multimedia, a multi purpose programming environment, M. Grant, I. Paterson E-mail

  • PatriArch : an hypermedia environment for the support of architectural design, E. Arlati, Fax +39 2 23995130

    Short presentations

  • Computer aided energy conscius design: the introduction of integration building design system (IBDS) in caad, E. Fantacone Fax +39 6 3217094

  • A documentation methodology for multimedia recording of architects computer aided architectural designing, J. Kokosalakis, J. Moorhouse E-mail

  • Bas*caad, Building and user activity system modelling for computer aided architectural design. , A. Ekholm, J. af Klerker, S. Fridqvist,Fax + 46 46 136826

    13.00 - Lunch

    15.00 - 16.30 Session 5

    Multimedia and teaching design - 4

    Chairman and lecturer Prof. E. Mortola


  • Background information systems, A. Koutamanis E-mail

  • The use of computers in urban design projects at Sint-Lucas, Brussels-Ghent, J. Verbeke, S. van Acker Fax+32 0 219 0241

  • Architects early sketching on computer using Multimedia, J. af Klercker, Fax +46 46 136826

  • Walking before running, a prelude to multimedia costruction information, M. Burry, R. Prentice, P. Wood

    Short presentations

  • An inspiring method of teaching caad programs, J. M. Kulinski E-mail

  • The role of multimedia in a presentation of studentdsí designs, S. Wrona, K. Koszewski E-mail

    16.30 - Coffee break

    17.00 - 18.30 Session 6

    Multimedia and research - 1

    Chairman and lecturer Prof. Y.E. Kalay

  • Applying formal methods to multimedia design aid, M. De Grassi, A. Giretti Fax +39 71 2204582

  • Coordinative model of design and building process, L. Brusasco, L. Caneparo

  • Multimedia tools to support multilingual learning: a multilingual architectural lexicon, T. Kvan E-mail tkvan@hk.hku.hkucc

  • Expert system and hypertext: can they work cooperatively?, E. Burattini Fax +39 81 8148626

    Short presentations

  • Multimedia and knowledge-based aided Architectural Design, A. Fioravanti, G. Novembri, G. Carrara, G. Confessore E-mail

  • Singularity and pluralism in multimedia: a key theoretical approach to the multimodel, A .Ismail Fax +44 705 842087

  • Visual thought data visualization, M. Porada

  • Expert system and hypertext for development control, A.Barbanente, A.P. Cuscito, N. Maiellaro

    20.00 Sicilian show: Opera dei Pupi, Buffet

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