eCAADe association

The eCAADe is an international association established to introduce Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe and beyond.

The main objectives of the eCAADe are:

1. To gather and spread information about CAAD amongst universities and schools of architecture including architectural and building related practices.

2. To encourage the exchange of relevant material, experience and staff/students amongst the Universities and Schools.

3. To identify research and development needs specific to CAAD education and initiate collaboration to satisfy them.

The eCAADe association issues a Bulletin and Work reports. It also offers a subscription to the scientific journal “Automation in Construction”.The eCAADe organizes Annual Conferences in different locations in Europe.

eCAADe ‘95 Conference “Multimedia and Architectural Disciplines”

Does a diversity of Multimedia Aided Teaching in the different architectural disciplines exist?The answer could be drawn from a comparison of the ways multimedia are employed in practical teaching today.

Such a review will be the theme of the XIII Conference of eCAADe that will be held at: University of Palermo, Italy, on 16 - 17 - 18 November 1995.Of course research is a permanent theme of eCAADe members’ work.

Conference themes:

1. Multimedia and teaching history of art and architecture

2. Multimedia and teaching design

3. Multimedia and research


  • Thursday 16 November 1995
  • Friday 17 November 1995
  • Satursday 18 November 1995

  • Conference secretariat: Daniela Faconti, Nicolò Asaro, Giuseppe Pellitteri - Dipartimento di Progetto e Costruzione Edilizia - University of PalermoViale delle Scienze 90128 - Palermo, Italy - Tel.:+39 91 234100, Fax: +39 91 488562, E-mail:

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